New Grass Revival /Steven F.Brines /Sam Bush

D               F#mi         Hmi
I wonīt sit and talk about old days,
G                        D   A
They only rust when you put them into world,
D             F#mi           Hmi
I wonīt pretend that they were good or poor days,
Emi              A           D
Laughing at myself because it hurts.

          G  F#mi Emi           D
R: It was glory, loving like we did,
          G  F#mi  Emi            A
   It was glory, believing like a kid,
       Emi                         D                         G
   And if our hearts are blind now from the things we had to see
   Emi                            F#mi A          D
   Once spoke by the wisdom is the glory that bas free.

I get nervous around some people,
Who always try to re-explain the past,
I never felt the need to make you someone else,
It donīt matter that we didnīt last.

Ref.: It was glory …

Thereīs still night to talk with me to get to sleep,
Thinking of your face I used know,
It said it wasnīt so and only erases me,
And I canīt find the words inside my throat.

Ref.: It was glory …

[:Once spoke by the wisdom is the glory that bas free :]
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